Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Improve the Admin Section


The most overlooked thing of any WordPress website is WordPress Admin dashboards. However, if you are searching the best admin panel WordPress plugins, to embellish the backend, you are at the right place. Dashboard carries all the data and tools which simplify the web administrator to manage the website.

WordPress Plugins not only advances the functionality and performance of the front end but also improves the dashboard for increased usability and power. The write up features below the best admin dashboard WordPress plugins.

Admin Color Schemes

Admin Color Schemes is a simple Admin Dashboard WordPress plugin. The plugin is loaded with the possibility to apply colors to different sections. You can customize the colors, and intensify the dashboard according to your desire.

WordPress dashboard can be a terrible point to be for the webmasters. It is simple and can become annoying quickly. With this plugin, you can create the panel a marvelous place.

Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

A popular and all loved WordPress Plugin Admin Menu Editor allows you to personalize the default WordPress menu according to your preference. You can reorganize or even build a fresh custom menu. Re-arranging the menu not only make the choices obvious but also develops potency to a great extent.

The WordPress plugin Admin Menu Editor is a simple drag and drop button.

Adminer WordPress plugin

WordPress manages the popular MySQL database for controlling its tasks. And, it can be a troublesome task to practice a hosting panel to mess with the database. Using Adminer WordPress Admin dashboard plugin, you can instantly add an entirely functional database managing section with the power to operate SQL queries. You can also work on several optimizations techniques using the plugin. The plugin is very winning, and it clarifies the communication with database significantly.

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Download Monitor WordPress Plugin

Download Monitor WordPress Admin plugin serves appropriate if you offer digital goods download on your WordPress website. The manageable WordPress plugin allows you to see the download activity through from the panel itself.

The WordPress plugin is super user-friendly. The platform exhibits attention to detail. With this WordPress plugin, you can insert mirror links to downloads, limit, and control the way to the digital downloads and help converge on giving service for digital downloads correctly.

Remove Dashboard Access

There are positions where you don’t require the user to have any dashboard access. At such places this manageable plugin, “remove dashboard access” can aid you to accomplish the same. Still, if you want to allow the users to access the dashboard, you can do so by just presenting the user profile accessible and disable the panel menu collectively.


The five Dashboard WordPress plugins presented above clarifies the hassle and make the admin panel more fit for the clients. If you prefer simplicity, above discussed plugins serves an excellent choice for enhanced admin area.

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