Why Should You Choose Magento Enterprise over Community Edition?

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When it comes to ecommerce development, most retailers and developers prefer Magento due to its robustness and high reliability. Magento is known as one of the best ecommerce shopping carts which is available in two editions:

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition offers many extra options that are of added value for an ecommerce website. It is true that many of these possibilities can also be added to Magento Community Edition through several extensions. The biggest advantage of the Enterprise Edition is that you can immediately contact Magento expert in case of any difficulty or violation breach, so you know that your store will run optimally.

If you are confused between Magento Enterprise and Community edition, we will help you get sorted. Let’s have a look at some of the best features you get with enterprise edition:

  • Support from Experts

With Enterprise Edition, you get technical support from Magento itself. So, when there is a bug in Magento, you can immediately get a solution from reliable experts. You will be assigned an account manager from Magento for this. You also get access to various diagnostic tools from Magento, so your online store will keep running optimally.

  • Explicit Return Possibilities

By default, Magento does not offer RMA (Return merchandise authorization) possibilities. This function has been added in Magento Enterprise. Customers can easily request and follow a return within Magento.

  • Reward Points

Magento Enterprise reward points make it possible to give consumers points in connection with activities within the store. For example when registering, purchasing a product, writing a review, etc.

  • Store Credits

The Store credits module within Magento Enterprise makes it possible to build up a credit for an account within the store. This credit can be used for the purchase of a product with ease.

  • Extended Customer Groups

Magento Enterprise offers the possibility to indicate per customer group which products and categories may or may not be seen. This allows you to show a specific part of your products to different customers.

  • Returned Orders

Magento Enterprise makes placing a recurring order easier for the user of your ecommerce website.

  • Dynamic Product Tracking

Setting up related products, up-sells and cross-sells always takes a lot of time. In Magento Enterprise, it is possible to have this automatically built up based on dynamic rules.

  • Improved Search Function

The standard search function of Magento 2, unfortunately, does not work optimally, a common problem of many Magento programmers. Enterprise Edition does offer good search integration.

Use is made here of external search services such as Solr and Elasticsearch. These services not only ensure that the user gets the right search results but is also incredibly fast. In addition, categories are also searched for, something that is missing in the standard search function.

  • Costs Magento Enterprise

Perhaps the most important difference between Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition is the price. The Community Edition is free to use, you do not pay a monthly fee to Magento while Enterprise Edition starts from $22,000 per year – a serious concern. Furthermore, the price you are looking to invest completely depends on the annual turnover of your online store.

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WooCommerce: An ideal solution for your e-commerce website


So, you are planning to come up with an online sales channel? It is going to be an exciting journey from website development to marketing. Being a business owner, you need to choose a platform for your website. Well, most people prefer WooCommerce plugin for developing amazing online store.

Introduced in 2011, WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin available for free. Today, it is used by a large number of e-commerce websites. If you love WordPress, you probably would want to go with the WooCommerce for your upcoming online sales channel.

WooCommerce provides you with several advantages, some of them are listed below:

It’s Free

One of the main advantages of WooCommerce is that it is available for free. This plugin will make you sell the products online in the easiest way. It is an ideal option for a person who is planning to launch an online store with tiny capital.

Professional and customizable

Woocommerce is a professional plugin that can be easily customized with a wide range of themes, and for color variety. Its professional layout ensures that your website engages visitors and customers. In order to add more functionality, you can even customize your Woocommerce by downloading apps. Integrating downloaded apps available on the WordPress store is easy.

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It’s highly secure

The best thing about WooCommerce is that it is regularly updated, so you don’t need to worry about any safety issues. As it is updated on a regular basis, it can be easily compatible with latest versions of WordPress. The great community of WooCommerce continuously monitors the codebase for security flaws and pushes updates on a regular basis. With one click update system, removing bugs on WooCommerce is very easy.

It makes analytics easy

If you want to track your eCommerce website, you actually need an analytics tool. The exciting feature of WooCommerce is that it makes analytics super-fast. It represents neat pie graphs of sales by date, individual customer statistics, and average order totals.

It helps you do Content Marketing better

If you are using WooCommerce, you can do content marketing in a better way. With better content marketing, it is easy to target long-tail keywords. You can even share blogs and tutorials with your target customers in order to solve their several problems using the informative content.

It is the buzz word of online marketing right now.

It has a lot of customization options

With 39 themes to choose from, WooCommerce offers a variety of customizations options means you can customize your website all according to your preferences.

So, these are some of the advantages associated with the eCommerce plugin. It is the most popular WordPress plugin available for free. It is preferred by a large number of users for creating an amazing e-commerce store.

Know Why Responsive Website Is Essential for Improved Business Sales?


The website for every business is essential today, and further, it ensures great advancement and productive growth. But, for now, just appearing well on the desktop screen is just not enough. Rapid progress in the broad domain of Mobile app development has come up with numerous portable devices – the smartphones and tablets to become the integral elements of the current business scenario. In the rapidly advancing modern world, people don’t wait to go home to use the Internet, since these highly functional portable devices can perform anything, even which a computer can do.

It is quite apparent that the screen sizes and aspect ratio varies when you run a website on different portable devices. Several times, Smartphones and Tablets fail to display the web content as it does on the desktop screen. Responsive design has emerged as a knight in shining armor to resolve this issue.

Currently, the Responsive design has raised its head for it is an essential and a standard feature in almost every website template and theme. Business sites with such features are developed to adjust its display to any screen size, delivering the audience and clients an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device they use to access the site. Below are some major reasons why businesses today need to consider switch their non-responsive sites to the responsive ones.

Benefits of Search engines

Search engine intends to deliver results which provide a satisfying user experience. The search results which are Mobile and Tablet friendly always gets an edge in the overall ranking. Amazingly, several users prefer to switch another site, if they notice that a website performs poorly on the portable devices.

Responsive designs deliver a better user experience and consequently, guarantee growth in the rankings on the search engine results. Additionally, the most current update of the ruling search engine Google states that the websites which are mobile-friendly will get a better chance to rank on the search engine results.

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Constant user experience

Responsive design is flexible and it adapts the layout depending on the user screen size. It assures to present your business website with the best possible experience to the viewers. Furthermore, it loads fast. Hence, it defines an enhanced user experience by allowing the web audience to get what they need in no time. In brief, responsive design provides a constant and an improved user experience despite what device a user use to access your business website.

Increase sales

User-friendly Responsive websites help in converting visitors into clients. By removing all the obstruction to your website, the responsive web structure leads with a swifter intake of the clients. Apart from improving the sales count, it helps you analyze the overall performance of website.

Research reveals that a plenty of users who access a mobile-friendly site have an inclination towards the same site and returns more for making a purchase in future. By presenting a combined experience, clear navigation facility, and compatible usability, responsive sites always end up increasing the sales.

Content accessible                      

Responsive Design has pitched to the screen after the content blocks are estimated relevant to the size if the screen and portable device resolution. Equipped with this distinctive approach, responsive websites always display better as well as load faster, with the perfect and required font size. Therefore, the device abilities never become an obstacle to the desired content or the perfect display.


Responsive design has grown like wildfire over a couple of past years. Now, every thriving business manages to get an edge over their competitors by shifting to responsive website designs. With a plethora of flawless functionalities, responsive web design helps your business to stay ahead in the ever-growing competition.

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What Makes Mobile App Development a Necessity For Your Small Business Growth?


A plenty of startups and SMBs are turning towards mobile app development to keep their business game active and strong.

The smartphones or the portable devices have hit with a big bang, entirely changing the manner a business functioned. Millions of users are enjoying these apps on the mobile devices which is why many companies are planning to develop their business-specific mobile applications.

Research reveals that a total of $30 billion profits are earned from the mobile app development sector. Despite this astonishingly incredible figure, there is an enormous scope for mobile apps and enhanced business development.

Think of anything that you in your routine life and everywhere mobile applications are there to ease you up, such as, cab booking, shopping and many other areas. There is an excess of possibilities that are expecting the users with the startups or SMBs on mobile apps. When a mobile app flawlessly fits into the organization’s necessities, it becomes favorable to deliver the coveted outcomes for the enterprise.

The days when the clients or users visited daily, your websites are over. Now just with a download the mobile apps easily do all the tasks for the user, seamlessly accessing them anywhere anytime. Consequently, the increase in the popularity of mobile app development is due to –


Mobile apps ensure an enhanced user experience while providing functionalities like location tracking, push notifications on discounts and exclusive offers and several other remarkable. The moment an app is downloaded, user engagement grows profoundly, covering the push notifications on the mobile device screen. Push notifications can also be fine-tuned for user interactions.


Why the majority of users come from the youth is because of the speed mobile apps run with. Mobile apps achieve exceptional speed because of their indisputable design. Also, several functionalities work sound even when no there is no internet connectivity.

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The convenience and accessibility with which these mobile apps run on a Smartphone is simply incredible. Any vital relevant data on updates pretty great comes to the user’s notice.

Income Generation

Investing in the mobile app development for the startups and SMBs is remarkably profitable. Several apps are offered for free, but sponsored advertisements avail the earnings, which is win-win and benefiting situation at both the ends.

Draws in new customers

More the clients and users a business acquires, greater is its possibility of income generation. By shifting from the web app to mobile based applications for your business, you attract more and more customers. Companies that choose over for mobile marketing plans are excellent in winning new client bases. Custom mobile app development is also powerful for the SMBs, regardless of essential resources for managing a digital marketing strategy.

Seamless Accessibility

Contrary to the websites, it is far simpler to access the mobile apps somewhat than the web apps. Smart phones are portable and can be carried anywhere, and it has become comfortable to work with these applications, as they come with some praiseworthy interfaces.


Application development is leading a new era as mobile app functionality assures that we get seamless connectivity for services we desire. There are plentiful apps that are developed building new growth opportunities for the mobile app development companies.

Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Improve the Admin Section


The most overlooked thing of any WordPress website is WordPress Admin dashboards. However, if you are searching the best admin panel WordPress plugins, to embellish the backend, you are at the right place. Dashboard carries all the data and tools which simplify the web administrator to manage the website.

WordPress Plugins not only advances the functionality and performance of the front end but also improves the dashboard for increased usability and power. The write up features below the best admin dashboard WordPress plugins.

Admin Color Schemes

Admin Color Schemes is a simple Admin Dashboard WordPress plugin. The plugin is loaded with the possibility to apply colors to different sections. You can customize the colors, and intensify the dashboard according to your desire.

WordPress dashboard can be a terrible point to be for the webmasters. It is simple and can become annoying quickly. With this plugin, you can create the panel a marvelous place.

Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

A popular and all loved WordPress Plugin Admin Menu Editor allows you to personalize the default WordPress menu according to your preference. You can reorganize or even build a fresh custom menu. Re-arranging the menu not only make the choices obvious but also develops potency to a great extent.

The WordPress plugin Admin Menu Editor is a simple drag and drop button.

Adminer WordPress plugin

WordPress manages the popular MySQL database for controlling its tasks. And, it can be a troublesome task to practice a hosting panel to mess with the database. Using Adminer WordPress Admin dashboard plugin, you can instantly add an entirely functional database managing section with the power to operate SQL queries. You can also work on several optimizations techniques using the plugin. The plugin is very winning, and it clarifies the communication with database significantly.

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Download Monitor WordPress Plugin

Download Monitor WordPress Admin plugin serves appropriate if you offer digital goods download on your WordPress website. The manageable WordPress plugin allows you to see the download activity through from the panel itself.

The WordPress plugin is super user-friendly. The platform exhibits attention to detail. With this WordPress plugin, you can insert mirror links to downloads, limit, and control the way to the digital downloads and help converge on giving service for digital downloads correctly.

Remove Dashboard Access

There are positions where you don’t require the user to have any dashboard access. At such places this manageable plugin, “remove dashboard access” can aid you to accomplish the same. Still, if you want to allow the users to access the dashboard, you can do so by just presenting the user profile accessible and disable the panel menu collectively.


The five Dashboard WordPress plugins presented above clarifies the hassle and make the admin panel more fit for the clients. If you prefer simplicity, above discussed plugins serves an excellent choice for enhanced admin area.

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Six Best-Selling eCommerce Magento Extensions For 2016

When it comes to choose a platform for eCommerce development, the most obvious choice is Magento as it offers extensive business functionality and features. Though, frequently the essential tools required to address several difficulties in business are not provided by the primary setup.

Subjected to the requirements, you may use the third-party Magento add-ons to competently handle the Magento Ecommerce development – which can be for product orders, catalogs, email, investments, etc.

To make it simple, we have listed below the six top eCommerce Magento extensions which will certainly give your online store a significant boost.

Magento WordPress Integration

Magento WordPress Integration among all the other Magento extensions is, by far, extremely the popular one. The extension lets you integrate the solid eCommerce platform Magento with an excellent blogging platform WordPress utilizing both as a very comprehensive marketing tool.

MagentoSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Among the several challenges faced by Business owners, One of the greatest challenges is seizing the appearance on the first page of the search engine specifically Google. Still, this is possible only when you have a clean on-page structure with relevant, optimized keywords.

However, Google does not encourage multiple results for the same page in the search engine results and is considered as spam. Further, it leads to penalize of the overall ranking of your website. Fortunately, with the MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate, you have a decent on-page structure with the feature of optimizing the search phrases as well improving the copy content problem.

Search Pro Extension

Magento’s standard search functionality somewhat lag back despite a great feature for a small-scale enterprise. If you want something which covers both the conditions and gives your website a competitive advantage, you need to use Search Pro extension by Amaty. The extension improves search functionality by letting Magento search your product through attributes system further matching up the search phrase with the product.

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One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout is another tremendously performing Magento extension by Amasty. The extension allows the shoppers to check in and out from your site swiftly further making the eCommerce website user-friendly. The tool aids you to improve the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

SERP Editor

SERP – search engine results page is the list of web pages fetched by a search engine on an input of a phrase as the search query. With SERP Editor Extension, you get the best CTR – click through rate to get organic visitors by the search engine by modifying the SERP’s tool. This tool further helps you to connect with your purposive clients and also keep a check on their consumer behavior.

Yotpo Product Reviews

Great reviews expand sales and with the most reasonable and fabulous extension Yotpo Product Reviews, your customers get a chance to provide reviews and opinions. Even bad reviews do well if you take them positively; rather use them to develop your business in according to the customer need. You can take help or hire Magento developer he will help in integrating Magento Extensions in best possible way.


With the evolution of businesses on the web, the e-Business owners need to promote their web business on the cyberspace to captivate the customer. By employing the above-listed extensions, you can add sparks to the sales of your web store.

5 Best Live Chat eCommerce WordPress Plugins 2016


Most of the users on eCommerce websites drop their shopping carts without even preceding the checkout page. The reason is specific, people prefer to get the queries resolved, and that very quickly.

This is the point where an eCommerce Business needs a live chat facility. A live chat service enables your visitors to get their inquiries answered anytime. Furthermore, it initiates your visitor to become a customer on a positive response. Not only for an eCommerce but even for Business Portfolios and services providers, it is of substantial importance for conversion. WordPress users are always served with the benefits of several plugins that enables Custom WordPress Development. However choosing the best is always a hassle. As there are easy to install and setup numerous live chat plugins and services, the write-up, covers five 5 Best Live Chat eCommerce WordPress Plugins for 2016.


Olark is the most popular plugin among the plenty available for providing live chat to a digital store. The plugin is easy to handle and very simple to install. The plugin comes with various plans as per the shapes and sizes of businesses. Bronze the starter plan starts with $17 at a monthly spend. You can try the free versions of all their plans before opting any, and on paying all at a once for yearly, you get a 10% discount.

Olark provides integration with important services like Zendesk, Salesforce, Highrise, and more. Also, you can integrate it with Google Analytics to get sharp insight on how your users interact on live chat on the website.


Another leading WordPress live chat service provider is Zopim. Integrating Live Chat plugin for WordPress is pretty comfortable with Zopim. With the free plan, the plugin offers only one active chat at a time with limited features. To use it at its best, you need to purchase and also you can hire a WordPress developer, the basic plan begins at $14 per month per agent.

Moreover, with Live Chat plugin, Zopim also facilitates one with services like chat logs, user analytics, email transcripts, and simple modification of the chat widget to coordinate with the theme of website.

Comm100 Live Chat

For small businesses a solution which is manageable and quicker for live chat service is Comm100 Live Chat. The pricing plans start at $21 per month per agent.

They provide a WordPress plugin as Comm100 Live Chat which enables you to integrate live chat service on the WordPress site effortlessly.


Somewhat a more costly live chat solution, LiveChat encompass all the features you seek in a live chat plugin. The charges for WordPress Live Chat Plugin commence at $39 per month per agent. The plugin delivers all the general features like team management tools, custom triggers, chat ratings, basic analytics, etc.

The added cherry to the cake is ready to use ticketing system which turns conversations into tickets. With the ticketing system, team members can allocate tickets to each other, letting you can reach customers even after they have moved from your website.


For medium and large businesses, SnapEngage offers live chat service. They deliver a comprehensive set of tools to some of the most reputed brands. The plugin is amazingly integrable for proactive conversations, multiple CRMs, call back request, and customized chat widgets to coordinate the WordPress site.


That concludes the roundup of five best live chat eCommerce WordPress Plugins 2016. Customer support is crucial for prospects, and before you consider any option, we would recommend you to thoroughly go through the above-listed plugins before making any judgment.