What’s New with Symfony 4? Why Should you Upgrade Right Away

What’s New with Symfony 4? Why Should you Upgrade Right Away

Symfony is a popular PHP framework which is widely used to build highly functional websites and web applications. It helps developers speed up the development and maintenance of web applications while replacing repetitive coding tasks. The latest version of Symfony was released in November 2017, making web application development easier and faster for the users. If you are still using the older versions of Symfony, then it is time for you to make a move towards the best features available with the latest version.

Well, you must be wondering why should you upgrade to the latest version – Symfony 4, when your website or web application is running perfectly on the older version. Every two years, Symfony comes with an improved version and attempts to make the upgrade process as smooth as possible. In this blog, you will find some of the main reasons what makes Symfony 4 the best PHP framework that you must consider in 2018.

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Source: https://www.baymediasoft.com/whats-new-symfony-4-upgrade-right-away/


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