Key Features of Drupal CMS

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Now a day’s Web Development Companies use various services like Joomla, WordPress and drupal. This is because they are flexible, require less time in web development, stable services and have lesser cost associated with them. One of the most reliable and widely used Content Management System (CMS) services is Drupal.

What is Drupal?

It is a powerful open source website builder written in PHP, which displays and manages content function of a wide range of websites. Drupal provides security to make submissions, module implementation and content displays safe. It produces the most advanced websites and for that it requires great technical expertise. Many advertisement and books for sale are available to learn Drupal sits and services. The best feature in drupal is that its friendliness with so many modules existing for SEO activities and helping in collecting statistics.

Top Features of Drupal

Drupal development is basically a CMS that enables a Drupal development company to maintain wide Variety of contents and other essentials of websites. Since Drupal Development has become the most popular choice, following are top reasons why it is the best choice for web development companies and administrators.

Helps in Development

Drupal helps to develop both internal and external facing websites. It requires simple programming process that needs less time. An administrator can send bulk emails; promote objects and can change various elements in a drupal website.

Advanced URL Control

It gives you strict control over URL structure. With the help of different module you can automate custom URL structure for each content type. Drupal Development Company applies it because its content pages have clean and nice URL’s.


Administrating a site becomes easier when Drupal CMS is used for web development. Its module is alienated into five parts; appearance, people, content, structure and configuration. You can control the basic configuration settings; modify date and time, change punch line of website and many more things as a simple user.

User Management

Drupal was originally designed for community based web sites, that is why it has strong user role and function controls. As a user you can create as many roles as you need with the use of custom access levels. For example- editor, admin, anonymous visitor etc.

Unique Designs and Displays

You can have full control over elements of your drupal website. Drupal permits developers to build highly usable and interactive experience. It provides large number of features to attract, engage and increase traffic on your website. It provides themes that support rich customization which are designed with keeping the principal of accessibility.

Excellent Documentation

The official handbook, massive API reference, tutorials, blogs and videos are included in the documentation part. Drupal have a large number of related documents available that will enable you to became a master in Drupal development.

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