What’s New with Symfony 4? Why Should you Upgrade Right Away

What’s New with Symfony 4? Why Should you Upgrade Right Away

Symfony is a popular PHP framework which is widely used to build highly functional websites and web applications. It helps developers speed up the development and maintenance of web applications while replacing repetitive coding tasks. The latest version of Symfony was released in November 2017, making web application development easier and faster for the users. If you are still using the older versions of Symfony, then it is time for you to make a move towards the best features available with the latest version.

Well, you must be wondering why should you upgrade to the latest version – Symfony 4, when your website or web application is running perfectly on the older version. Every two years, Symfony comes with an improved version and attempts to make the upgrade process as smooth as possible. In this blog, you will find some of the main reasons what makes Symfony 4 the best PHP framework that you must consider in 2018.

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Top 5 Frameworks that will Reign Website Development Industry in 2018


This is no news that with the increasing competition in web development industry, the requirement of a perfect, fast, and innovative framework has also increased. Looking at the trends we understand that the demand of developing creative and interactive web applications is going to increase in 2018.

With a number of frameworks available in the market the confusion of a newbie developer increases. The latest updates on each framework are making them more and more innovative and making the choice even harder for a developer. However, if one narrows down their choices on the basis of their preferred programming language and their business requirements, it can be little less tough to pick the right framework for your web development project.

Here are 5 most popular frameworks that offer fast, secure, and easy web development.


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10 Best PHP Frameworks for All the Time

PHP is the world’s most accepted scripting language, because it is easy to use, flexible and saves time. Often it becomes monotonous and boring while working on PHP coding, than PHP frameworks help to make it interesting. These PHP frameworks streamline the development of web applications written in PHP, which saves your time, helps to create better applications and reduces amount of repetitive coding. Many web development companies use these frameworks for various reasons, one is for speeding the development process and another big reason is stability. PHP Framework is available for free of charge and is used by large number of web developers.

The below list contains few PHP frameworks existing for developers, that will help you to build projects faster and work better.

1. Cake PHP

CakePHP Framework
CakePHP is popular among the developers as it is simple, fast and requires less code. It is easily learned and its CRUD feature is very handy for database interactions. It comes with built in tools for input validation and protection against various applications.

2. Laravel

Laravel PHP framework
If you consider Google rankings, you can find that Laravel is the most popular PHP framework among developers. It will help you to build wonderful applications with the use of simple syntax. It makes development easy and creative for developers and results in best websites.

3. Yii PHP Framework

Yii PHP Framework
Yii is the high performance PHP framework that helps you develop clean and reusable code, ensuring a clear separation of logic and presentation. It attracts you because of its features such as fast development, caching, authentication and role based access control.

4. CodeIgniter

codeigniter PHP framework
It is second most popular PHP framework after Laravel, it is a proven, agile and open PHP web application framework that provides platform to build full featured web application.

5. Symfony

symfony PHP framework
PHP web Development Company use Symphony for their web projects. It is flexible, scalable yet powerful PHP framework which speedup the creation and maintenance of websites. You can also choose the Full Stack version in order to develop a complex application.

6. Zend Framework 2

Zend PHP Framework
It is a well known and open source PHP framework that works with PHP 5.3+. Zend uses 100% object oriented code and utilize complete PHP 5.3+ features. It is easily extensible, adapting to your needs so that you can build blocks with other applications as well.

7. Phalcon

Phalcon PHP framework
Phalcon is the extension to C language that offers lower resources consumption and high performance. Important thing in this is you don’t have to learn C language, as the functionality is exposed as PHP classes ready to use.

8. Aura

Aura PHP Framework
Aura provides clean, fully decoupled libraries and independent libraries for PHP 5.4+ that can use any database of their own work. It provides high quality, well tested, standard compliant library packages that can be used for any code.


PHP-MVC is very simple but efficient model view controller application that is clean, easy to learn, highly documented and features a self explaining structure. It is available in two versions basic and advance, basically useful to those who are new to PHP.

10. Kohana

It is a HMVC PHP5 framework used by PHP web development companies to build web application quickly. It includes translation tools, database access, encryption, validation and lots more.

PHP Frameworks are good ways for developers to reduce repetitive and monotonous coding, speeding up the development process and stability of web applications. The above given PHP frameworks can help a PHP web development company when they need rapid development, under tense deadlines and want to enhance PHP leaning process.