Why Should You Upgrade to Magento 2.0?

7 Reasons Why Should You Migrate to Magento 2 in 2018

If you are following the news related to eCommerce, you couldn’t miss the excitement about the release of Magento 2 and its features. As an online retailer, you must be wondering why should you migrate to Magento 2 when your eCommerce website is running well on the older version.

To decide whether you should prefer upgrading to Magento 2.0 as your prior task or not, here are some significant considerations to take into account:

Magento 2 vs Magento 1

With better performance, full page caching, streamlined checkout process, and several other enhancements, Magento 2.x is better than older versions in every way. Here, we have listed some of the most significant improvements:

  • Performance

38% faster check out and 50% faster loading time in comparison to Magento 1, leading to a massive leap ahead. With fast hosting setup (dedicated or cloud server), Magento 2 delivers quick server response times for catalogue browsing. It can also manage 10 million catalogue page views per hour while comparing to 500,000 page views per hour as initiated by the older versions of Magento. Unlike the older version – Magento 1.0, 2.x supports PHP 7 which is one of the main reasons for the critical performance enhancements.

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  • Improved Interface

Magento 2.0 comes with improved admin interface which has an interactive and fluidic design. The interface is more user-friendly than previous versions of Magneto. The intuitive back-end UI makes it easy to open up the admin panel from any touch-based device. However, the backend is still not fully responsive, but it’s easier to use than the previous versions. Now, you can create custom views for products and orders using drag-and-drop or select/de-select columns with ease. You will find considerable improvement in the product import/export mechanism.

  • Easier Maintenance and Upgrade

With the introduction of the new modular code base, Magento development or 2.0 upgradations will be a lot faster than earlier. Besides, multiple extensions can co-exist in the framework without conflicting each other which used to be one of the major issues in Magento 1.0. Even website maintenance is a lot easier which will save your time and money.

When should you upgrade to Magento 2?

Most of the popular extensions are now compatible with Magento 2.0. With several positive feedbacks, the platform has proved to be completely reliable. If your online store is performing well on the older version (not lower than 1.8) — you could stay with the existing version for a while. On the contrary, if you’re facing several performance issues or still using Magento 1.7 or lower version — it’s an ideal time to upgrade. Of course, upgrading to Magento 2 will require a lot of development, but you can assure stability by upgrading in the long run.

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Six Best-Selling eCommerce Magento Extensions For 2016

When it comes to choose a platform for eCommerce development, the most obvious choice is Magento as it offers extensive business functionality and features. Though, frequently the essential tools required to address several difficulties in business are not provided by the primary setup.

Subjected to the requirements, you may use the third-party Magento add-ons to competently handle the Magento Ecommerce development – which can be for product orders, catalogs, email, investments, etc.

To make it simple, we have listed below the six top eCommerce Magento extensions which will certainly give your online store a significant boost.

Magento WordPress Integration

Magento WordPress Integration among all the other Magento extensions is, by far, extremely the popular one. The extension lets you integrate the solid eCommerce platform Magento with an excellent blogging platform WordPress utilizing both as a very comprehensive marketing tool.

MagentoSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Among the several challenges faced by Business owners, One of the greatest challenges is seizing the appearance on the first page of the search engine specifically Google. Still, this is possible only when you have a clean on-page structure with relevant, optimized keywords.

However, Google does not encourage multiple results for the same page in the search engine results and is considered as spam. Further, it leads to penalize of the overall ranking of your website. Fortunately, with the MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate, you have a decent on-page structure with the feature of optimizing the search phrases as well improving the copy content problem.

Search Pro Extension

Magento’s standard search functionality somewhat lag back despite a great feature for a small-scale enterprise. If you want something which covers both the conditions and gives your website a competitive advantage, you need to use Search Pro extension by Amaty. The extension improves search functionality by letting Magento search your product through attributes system further matching up the search phrase with the product.

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One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout is another tremendously performing Magento extension by Amasty. The extension allows the shoppers to check in and out from your site swiftly further making the eCommerce website user-friendly. The tool aids you to improve the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

SERP Editor

SERP – search engine results page is the list of web pages fetched by a search engine on an input of a phrase as the search query. With SERP Editor Extension, you get the best CTR – click through rate to get organic visitors by the search engine by modifying the SERP’s tool. This tool further helps you to connect with your purposive clients and also keep a check on their consumer behavior.

Yotpo Product Reviews

Great reviews expand sales and with the most reasonable and fabulous extension Yotpo Product Reviews, your customers get a chance to provide reviews and opinions. Even bad reviews do well if you take them positively; rather use them to develop your business in according to the customer need. You can take help or hire Magento developer he will help in integrating Magento Extensions in best possible way.


With the evolution of businesses on the web, the e-Business owners need to promote their web business on the cyberspace to captivate the customer. By employing the above-listed extensions, you can add sparks to the sales of your web store.