What Makes Mobile App Development a Necessity For Your Small Business Growth?


A plenty of startups and SMBs are turning towards mobile app development to keep their business game active and strong.

The smartphones or the portable devices have hit with a big bang, entirely changing the manner a business functioned. Millions of users are enjoying these apps on the mobile devices which is why many companies are planning to develop their business-specific mobile applications.

Research reveals that a total of $30 billion profits are earned from the mobile app development sector. Despite this astonishingly incredible figure, there is an enormous scope for mobile apps and enhanced business development.

Think of anything that you in your routine life and everywhere mobile applications are there to ease you up, such as, cab booking, shopping and many other areas. There is an excess of possibilities that are expecting the users with the startups or SMBs on mobile apps. When a mobile app flawlessly fits into the organization’s necessities, it becomes favorable to deliver the coveted outcomes for the enterprise.

The days when the clients or users visited daily, your websites are over. Now just with a download the mobile apps easily do all the tasks for the user, seamlessly accessing them anywhere anytime. Consequently, the increase in the popularity of mobile app development is due to –


Mobile apps ensure an enhanced user experience while providing functionalities like location tracking, push notifications on discounts and exclusive offers and several other remarkable. The moment an app is downloaded, user engagement grows profoundly, covering the push notifications on the mobile device screen. Push notifications can also be fine-tuned for user interactions.


Why the majority of users come from the youth is because of the speed mobile apps run with. Mobile apps achieve exceptional speed because of their indisputable design. Also, several functionalities work sound even when no there is no internet connectivity.

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The convenience and accessibility with which these mobile apps run on a Smartphone is simply incredible. Any vital relevant data on updates pretty great comes to the user’s notice.

Income Generation

Investing in the mobile app development for the startups and SMBs is remarkably profitable. Several apps are offered for free, but sponsored advertisements avail the earnings, which is win-win and benefiting situation at both the ends.

Draws in new customers

More the clients and users a business acquires, greater is its possibility of income generation. By shifting from the web app to mobile based applications for your business, you attract more and more customers. Companies that choose over for mobile marketing plans are excellent in winning new client bases. Custom mobile app development is also powerful for the SMBs, regardless of essential resources for managing a digital marketing strategy.

Seamless Accessibility

Contrary to the websites, it is far simpler to access the mobile apps somewhat than the web apps. Smart phones are portable and can be carried anywhere, and it has become comfortable to work with these applications, as they come with some praiseworthy interfaces.


Application development is leading a new era as mobile app functionality assures that we get seamless connectivity for services we desire. There are plentiful apps that are developed building new growth opportunities for the mobile app development companies.


How Mobile App Development Company Can Help In Bringing Life to Your App Idea

how mobile app development company can help in bringing life to your app idea

Nowadays, the mobile applications have become an important part of one’s life and business. So, making a good impression on the world, having the core competency or achieving competitive advantage over the competitors has become vital. You can find countless apps in the app store developed by various industry domains, and the main question arises whether these apps are really profitable for their business or not.

A Mobile App Development Company can help you get started with your app idea and make it able to meet the prospects. By hiring versatile and experienced mobile app developer, you can bring life to your business app idea.

  1. Idea exploration – When you are with professionals with enough talent, they will provide you great brainstorming sessions. They will explore your idea through a healthy discussion, where you can convey your requirement and can add new solutions to your idea.
  2. Professional Behavior approachMobile app development company adopts professional methods. They follow a step by step approach for doing a development work, constant communication and regular follow ups. It will benefit you to have a high-quality app worth for your business.
  3. Multiple Operating System Development for Apps– They can help you create your app for more than one operating system without any pain. For example, if you have planned to build an iOS app and you inform them to make an Android app too, they will get mentally prepare for it. Also, they will use various development tools which can easily transform your app.
  4. 4. Using Latest Tools and TechniquesMobile app development companies are stuffed with latest resources, tools and techniques. Their developers are also well trained for with new technologies. This will increase the chances for you to have a perfect app with the help of good app idea and great development company. They will provide you finest app quality at affordable costs.

So, if you have been looking for great ways to leverage your business’s resources and adding more worth, then hire the best mobile app development company in your business growth strategy. If you are looking for creative Android app development services provider; Baymediasoft has been placed ahead of all companies in the same industry.

Things App Developers should Avoid in process of Mobile App Development


Mobile app development companies and developers always talk about various ways and means to develop successful and innovative apps. Everyone is engaged in learning how to create the interactive, effective and unique mobile apps, and achieving success in mobile app field.

There are lot of books, journals, and videos available offline and online to learn mobile app development. Using these resources will definitely increase your skills of application development. But as a developer, you must know that, the learning process is incomplete without considering the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Things developers should avoid while developing a mobile app are as follows-

Developing an app without considering end users needs– One of the common mistake most of the developers make while creating a mobile app is that, they don’t consider users need. Many times the developers build app thinking about what should work, not how the user will work on it. It is not that complicated to know users need, just conduct your research and ask them. Or make a simple app and let them try using it, then collect the feedback.

Developing for a particular screen size – Today, mobility is not all about a phone. People are opting for bigger sizes like iPads and Tablets. We all have seen the periscope presentation of an iPhone app on an iPad. This situation arises when apps are not developed properly to scale above a particular screen size. Developers should think how their apps will shrink or grow with a device change.

Releasing on Too many platforms – Developers should avoid adding too many features and releasing on many mobile platforms simultaneously. Developing for several platforms at once will increase your initial costs and also it reduces the chance of success for your app.  First research, choose the right platform and then plan out app development strategy. Think of a unique app idea; do not rush but list out practical and achievable goals, and work on them one at a time.

Neglecting importance of color selection while designing – Those days are gone when you overlooked the value of color while designing an app. Psychologist has discovered that choice of color has great impact on acceptance or rejection of an app. The right choice of color has the ability to generate 60% positive impact on the user. Developers should choose colors according to different light and displays, and remember that clarity comes first then beauty.

Stuffing too many features – A mobile app can’t do everything; it is good to focus on few specific features rather than doing too much.  As a developer you should understand that your app should have unique features and can provide awesome user experience. Successful apps are doing well because they have a narrow focus. Before launching, research and plan for a massive integration for your app.

These tips are truly useful and come from real mobile app development world. It will save your time and money as a developer. When you begin your journey towards developing a unique and successful mobile app, these following mistakes must be avoided.

Baymediasoft is an outstanding Mobile app development company providing unique and innovative mobile solutions with Android, iPad and iPhone app development services. The applications designed and developed by our expert iPhone app developers render excellent user experience.

Benefits of selecting Android App Development for your Business


In recent times, mobile space is becoming very crowded with a variety of innovative tools and unique applications. There are multiple applications present for every platform such as Android, iOS or Java. These apps enable the users to enjoy different services like social networking, gaming, determining the current location of a person, texting and sending pictures. Android is the platform mostly used for these services.

Android is a widely used platform among the mobile app development platforms available. Apps developed using Android offers many advantages and benefits when compared to those developed for other platforms. Android app development helps a company to create own custom solutions for satisfying its business demands and needs. These are some major benefits of selecting Android App Development for your business.

  • Easy to Integrate and customize – When you are looking for a complex integration and customization for your company app, opt for Android app development. You can easily customize an android app without any restrictions, and can adjust this operating system as per the needs of your business. Developers can make interactive apps and can implement creative ideas in it easily as it provides multiple options to them.
  • Increases the productivity – The productivity of custom mobile application has been increased due to the use of Android, as it supports many customization features that other platforms does not support. More than 75% of the smartphones run on Android platform including low-end devices. It has gained an outstanding reputation in global market and is used by a large number of users. It generates great business opportunities for companies developing an Android app.
  • Android apps have several features – Choosing an Android App development service for your business will result in a feature rich application for you business. It brings exceptional outcomes for both usability and functionality of the app and helps it to become successful among the users. Features like calendar, task manager, and email notification can be customized in an Android app. Organizations can make good relationship with their customers and promote business by building custom Android app.
  • Multiple sales channels – Android apps can be deployed in various ways, you do not have to rely on a single play store to distribute the app. Third party application marketplace can be used as a sales channel for your app. Your business can successfully reach to your end users through multiple channels with a planned promotional strategy.
  • Higher Customer Interaction – Android app development enables the business to reach a lot of people at once, so the customer interaction is also increased. This new development will increase the business communication and make it more pleasant for the customers. You can also get a competitive advantage over your competitors by developing smart business apps.

Android app development for your company can benefit you in two ways; it will promote your business as well as it can generate handsome amounts. Customer loyalty is established through android app development, and people will find it good to access your company information that will increase your clientele.

Selecting Android app development for your business leads to increase in productivity, communication with clients, promotional benefits, good source of revenue etc. Hence, application development helps businesses to increase their growth in many ways.

Baymediasoft is a creative mobile app development company offering unique android app development. We have specialized experts who can exclusively deal with your android app development requirements.

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

mobile app development company questions
Today mobile app has been emerging as the most popular means to market a product or service. Consumers nowadays hardly have time to go for shopping from traditional markets, hence; companies have started bringing markets to their places via mobile apps. They can pay bills, have online transactions and shopping through these mobile apps.

If you would like a mobile app to sell your product, to access product reviews and advertise it in different markets than you have to hire a professional app development company for your requirements.

The key questions asked before hiring a mobile app developer are as follows

1. Knowledge about Mobile App Development

Most of developers and professional doesn’t have the knowledge about latest technologies, so you should look for those developers who are capable of making apps with new technology and language. Make sure they have apt information about the recent changes taken place in mobile app development field.

2. Work portfolio

An experienced developer will always have a successful portfolio to share with their potential clients. So ask for the work portfolio of the company and by viewing and analyzing the apps developed but them you can get the knowledge of his skills, vision and capability to develop a mobile app.

3. Which Smartphone are they using

This question will provide the information about the company that they have the passion of creating a mobile app or not. If they say they can build an app for iPhone, then they will surely having an iPhone and apps created by them.

4. Pricing policy

Ask them for the cost and pricing of the particular project. Hire the developer who assures maximum transparency regarding the cost of project. Do not go for the company promising discounts and cheap rates as it may prove to be bad deal for you. You should always be clear with the payment terms before entering into a project. Method of payment, expected cost and other benefits should be discussed in advance.

5. Turnaround time

Ask for the estimate time taken by him to complete that particular project. In the initial meetings discuss about your expected deadlines and their criteria to match them. The app developer should be clearly communicated by the turnaround time expected according to your priorities as it will not create any confusion during the project work.

6. Know the development process

As a client you should definitely seek for the process of development used by the company. A well planned and realistic process will lead you to complete the project in due time with expected cost for the same.

7. Communication process

It is important to know the communication process used by the company. A company must prefer constant communication with the client so that they can create an outstanding application together. It is possible that your requirements may change during the project work so continuous communication can help you to convey the message with the developer.

8. Confidentiality

Ask the developer to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that clearly states that you will be having the copyright of that particular app. A mobile app development is all about the IP and it is extremely important so ownership should be clearly stated.

9. Testing procedure

Mobile app development process includes testing also. Ask about the app testing procedure used by the developer and ensure that you agree to the same.

10. Testimonials

Ask for the testimonials of the company as they are the best source to judge the quality of work. Check for the references to verify the developer’s capabilities, responsiveness, work principles etc.

You should have confidence in your developer as it is a very costly business and will engage your time and money. Ensure that they are good for your company and project requirements. Ask the right questions to analyze the capabilities of developer and make sure that the process goes very smooth.

Baymediasoft is a leading mobile app development company which offers app development for iPhone, Android & iPad. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your app development requirement. We will provide high quality work at an affordable price.