Things App Developers should Avoid in process of Mobile App Development


Mobile app development companies and developers always talk about various ways and means to develop successful and innovative apps. Everyone is engaged in learning how to create the interactive, effective and unique mobile apps, and achieving success in mobile app field.

There are lot of books, journals, and videos available offline and online to learn mobile app development. Using these resources will definitely increase your skills of application development. But as a developer, you must know that, the learning process is incomplete without considering the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Things developers should avoid while developing a mobile app are as follows-

Developing an app without considering end users needs– One of the common mistake most of the developers make while creating a mobile app is that, they don’t consider users need. Many times the developers build app thinking about what should work, not how the user will work on it. It is not that complicated to know users need, just conduct your research and ask them. Or make a simple app and let them try using it, then collect the feedback.

Developing for a particular screen size – Today, mobility is not all about a phone. People are opting for bigger sizes like iPads and Tablets. We all have seen the periscope presentation of an iPhone app on an iPad. This situation arises when apps are not developed properly to scale above a particular screen size. Developers should think how their apps will shrink or grow with a device change.

Releasing on Too many platforms – Developers should avoid adding too many features and releasing on many mobile platforms simultaneously. Developing for several platforms at once will increase your initial costs and also it reduces the chance of success for your app.  First research, choose the right platform and then plan out app development strategy. Think of a unique app idea; do not rush but list out practical and achievable goals, and work on them one at a time.

Neglecting importance of color selection while designing – Those days are gone when you overlooked the value of color while designing an app. Psychologist has discovered that choice of color has great impact on acceptance or rejection of an app. The right choice of color has the ability to generate 60% positive impact on the user. Developers should choose colors according to different light and displays, and remember that clarity comes first then beauty.

Stuffing too many features – A mobile app can’t do everything; it is good to focus on few specific features rather than doing too much.  As a developer you should understand that your app should have unique features and can provide awesome user experience. Successful apps are doing well because they have a narrow focus. Before launching, research and plan for a massive integration for your app.

These tips are truly useful and come from real mobile app development world. It will save your time and money as a developer. When you begin your journey towards developing a unique and successful mobile app, these following mistakes must be avoided.

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