Mobile App Development- 5 Lessons learned

mobile-app-developmentNowadays, Mobile apps are not just on thousands of different phones and tablets, but it is on your wrist, in your living room or in your car. There are millions of apps present in Apple and Google play stores. As a startup Company or App Developer, everyone has an experience full of ups and down in their first mobile app development.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. From an idea to become a successful app, there are many things to learn in this process. There are a lot of roadblocks and obstacles in the way of your first attempt to mobile app development. Several things that a developer should know when building a mobile app, this will also save his time and money are-

  • Research– If you have a great idea for your business or personal app, spend time on researching. Try to know your competitors, their style of working, sources of fund, etc. Explore the possibility of success for your app and work on knowing a way to maximize its ROI. It will help you to come up with a better idea for an app and plan to work on that particular idea.
  • Plan for the app It is necessary to create a plan for your app; it will help to save your time and money. Opt for an expert technical person who is talented and can advice you on any stage of the plan. The plan will give you a rough sketch of your app’s look and the process by which you will achieve it.
  • Design and Testing The mantra for building a successful app is to keep it simple. Developers have to figure out how to do complex things in the simplest way possible. The User interface design is vast, so it is necessary to keep in mind that mobile screen is less and working here require simple designs. You should beta test your app thoroughly to prevent it from any glitches and bugs.
  • Launch You needs a plan for launching your app which includes platforms to launch, how to get users attention, marketing strategy, gathering user feedback etc. It will help you to find bugs and fix them. It is important for an app owner to be flexible and provide consumer with best user experience.
  • Post launch and Growth Plan Before the launch of your app, you should know your long term growth plan. It will make you know about different costs rendered during mobile app development and how much money is left for growth. It is also possible that you need an investor for it. So, choose your investor wisely after spending a lot of time researching.

After various successful apps and mistakes in mobile app development, we have learned a lot of things. Though we still have to go miles and lots more to learn. We hope that from the mistakes and lessons we have learned, they will surely help you to create your app and work in right direction.

After creating many apps for different platforms we have learned a lot. When you have an awesome idea for an app, do your research, plan for it, create a great team, plan for pre and post launch activities, and then there is no reason you can’t make a grand app.

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