Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

mobile app development company questions
Today mobile app has been emerging as the most popular means to market a product or service. Consumers nowadays hardly have time to go for shopping from traditional markets, hence; companies have started bringing markets to their places via mobile apps. They can pay bills, have online transactions and shopping through these mobile apps.

If you would like a mobile app to sell your product, to access product reviews and advertise it in different markets than you have to hire a professional app development company for your requirements.

The key questions asked before hiring a mobile app developer are as follows

1. Knowledge about Mobile App Development

Most of developers and professional doesn’t have the knowledge about latest technologies, so you should look for those developers who are capable of making apps with new technology and language. Make sure they have apt information about the recent changes taken place in mobile app development field.

2. Work portfolio

An experienced developer will always have a successful portfolio to share with their potential clients. So ask for the work portfolio of the company and by viewing and analyzing the apps developed but them you can get the knowledge of his skills, vision and capability to develop a mobile app.

3. Which Smartphone are they using

This question will provide the information about the company that they have the passion of creating a mobile app or not. If they say they can build an app for iPhone, then they will surely having an iPhone and apps created by them.

4. Pricing policy

Ask them for the cost and pricing of the particular project. Hire the developer who assures maximum transparency regarding the cost of project. Do not go for the company promising discounts and cheap rates as it may prove to be bad deal for you. You should always be clear with the payment terms before entering into a project. Method of payment, expected cost and other benefits should be discussed in advance.

5. Turnaround time

Ask for the estimate time taken by him to complete that particular project. In the initial meetings discuss about your expected deadlines and their criteria to match them. The app developer should be clearly communicated by the turnaround time expected according to your priorities as it will not create any confusion during the project work.

6. Know the development process

As a client you should definitely seek for the process of development used by the company. A well planned and realistic process will lead you to complete the project in due time with expected cost for the same.

7. Communication process

It is important to know the communication process used by the company. A company must prefer constant communication with the client so that they can create an outstanding application together. It is possible that your requirements may change during the project work so continuous communication can help you to convey the message with the developer.

8. Confidentiality

Ask the developer to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that clearly states that you will be having the copyright of that particular app. A mobile app development is all about the IP and it is extremely important so ownership should be clearly stated.

9. Testing procedure

Mobile app development process includes testing also. Ask about the app testing procedure used by the developer and ensure that you agree to the same.

10. Testimonials

Ask for the testimonials of the company as they are the best source to judge the quality of work. Check for the references to verify the developer’s capabilities, responsiveness, work principles etc.

You should have confidence in your developer as it is a very costly business and will engage your time and money. Ensure that they are good for your company and project requirements. Ask the right questions to analyze the capabilities of developer and make sure that the process goes very smooth.

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